Welcome to your Cooling Application Development Centers

  • Our global Application Development Centers offer you expert support and state-of-the-art test facilities for refrigeration and air conditioning.

    We provide you with lab capacity and industry-leading application knowledge in a collaborative test environment for OEMs and Danfoss engineers. And we work on both your customer- and market-driven development projects.

    Together, we meet the challenges of energy efficiency and prepare for the transition to new refrigerants, supporting the industry to prepare for the regulations and standards shaping our future.


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  • Get access to state-of-the-art test facilities, superior technical expertise, and application knowledge by teaming up with our experienced engineers.

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    ›  Superior technical knowledge
    ›  Local application experts


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  • Together, we improve your solution and prove your performance by benchmarking, developing, remodeling, testing, and validating your cooling system.

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    ›  First CO2 supermarket test facility


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  • Decrease cost, reduce development time, bring your solution faster to market in an environmentally friendly way, and get ahead of your competitors.

    ›  Speed up time to market
    ›  Meet future refrigerant legislations
    ›  Reduce your carbon footprint


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